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Ruffled Up in Pink

I am always a sucker for baby pink anything! Tops, dresses, purses, home decor... you name it, it's right up my alley! It is a color I have always used in my room for decorating, but have just recently added more to my collection in my closet! This ruffled, off-shoulder-top from Shein is the perfect addition to that pretty-in-pink section of anyone's wardrobe!

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{Chinese Laundry}

All of my favorite gold jewelry that I've tagged works great with so many looks! I love these pieces because they dress up outfits & make the style just a little more glamorous, even with a simple outfit like this one!

Photos by: Paige Michelle Photography

Paige Taylor at it again with the amazing shots!! She is so talented, y'all have got to check out her work! You will especially be blown away by her wedding shots... so PERFECT!

She shoots all of the photos you see for The Pink Lily Boutique & her photography page looks like something you's see on Pinterest! She's incredible, without a doubt!

I am currently in Houston with my family visiting for the week! I surprised my Momma with a trip here for her birthday, so my apologies for any delay in messages & comments! We got up at the crack of dawn to fly from Nash to STL, then on down to Houston by noon yesterday! Now we are enjoying family time with the girls, here with my Aunt Wendey & baby cousins, Charlee Kay & Kaylee. I say baby, but they are actually 17 & 13... they just aren't allowed to grow up in my eyes.

I'm sure you'll be seeing them on my instagram & Snapchat stories here the next few days!

I hope y'all had a great Fourth of July & are enjoying your hot summer! If you're in the Houston area let me know!!

PS. I haven't been posting a lot lately just from being soon busy, but I have lots of new surprises coming to y'all soon!! Stay up to date with the site to see it all here at!!

XO, Shea Leigh

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