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Kip & I are here to tell y'all about the new attribution to my nightly routine!

After comtimplating back & forth about whether or not to get eyelash extensions, I wanted to give this a try before heading that direction. I have friends that have the extensions & they look great! I am just so careless about washing my face & I feel like I'd mess mine up so bad, so I wanted to stick to my own natural lashes, just enhancing them a bit!

This is what the serum bottle looks like, as well as the packaging! Real small, won't take up lots of space in your travel or make up bag, & easy to use.

I apply a thin swipe along the top line of my lashes, just like I would with eyeliner. I also swipe over my lashes themselves {like mascara} just once to coat them as well. Not sure if you're supposed to do that but I did it & have still seen incredible results!

Let me also just say, I know that my lashes are not perfect or the best out there, but I am beyond impressed with their growth & fullness since starting this regimen.

In these photos now, I am wearing just two layers of Better than Sex Mascara! I absolutely swear by this stuff! I apply a layer or two of this & then use Buxom Mascara to separate my lashes & add length! I tagged them both in bold below! I also tagged one of my favorite drug store mascaras as well from Target!




I am soooo mad! My phone that had all of my before photos on it shut down & I lost them. I promise y'all, the difference is INSANE! I feel like I always had decent lashes, but now they are growing more each time I use it! I went through my entire tube in about 7 or 8 weeks, but began seeing results by about the 3rd week!

My consultant is a great friend of mine! Her name is Taryn Owens from here in Nashville, Tennessee! She always works SO great with me & helps with any questions or suggestions I have about my skin & now my lashes too!

To hear more details from her or to getcha self some of this angel made, sent from above, lash serum, go to her page & she will get you covered!

Go to Taryn's site to order or ask any questions you may have! I know the main concern is about the price, but I'm telling you it is WAY WAY WAY worth it! The price of getting your natural lashes to grow sure beats doubling the price to just the extensions put on. Plus, you can also put it on your eyebrows to make them fuller & more filled in. Another great bonus!

I don't know the technical scientific information behind the serum, so if you're a lash expert, please don't send me a mile long message with any medial info regarding the product. I am not a pro, I just know that my lashes are longer, fuller & better than ever! I only noticed a bit of discomfort in the beginning, but that was because I would occasionally get a bit in my eye... that's just my own clumsy hand though. When applied correctly, you'll be all good! Here are some facts about the Lash Boost itself!

If you sign up as a PC (Preferred Customer) that will get you 10% off & free shipping from Taryn! You can also can delay orders or cancel at anytime! (her R+F page)

Be one of the first 5people to contact Taryn for a special promotion to become a Preferred Customer so that y'all can get free shipping & 10% off which makes it just $135. Or buy it retail for $150.

For all the girls out there that sent me suggestions for las extensions, thank you a million! I am sticking with my natural lashes for a while after using this product & having such great results!! IF you decide to try this out, let me know & keep me updated with your results! I know you will love it too!

XO, Shea Leigh Mills

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